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Days of Decline

With unemployment skyrocketing in Greece, the structural reforms threatened people's livelihood. So they demonstrated, and strikes paralyzed Athens and sometimes parts of the country for days, and violence broke out in the streets, and battles were fought with batons, teargas, and Molotov cocktails, and moments of these horrific absurdities were captured in this awesome and shocking video, Days of Decline (let’s hope that these images will remain images of 2011 and not seep into Greece’s future):

Everything is Getting Gummed up in Greece 

Tourism, Greece’s second largest industry after the shipping industry, and already in a downdraft, is taking another hit as tour-bus drivers will go on strike; wage negotiations have deadlocked. Owners demand that drivers take a 50% cut in pay and benefits on top of the 20% cut they’ve already suffered! And Greece is the model for Spain and Italy.  Click to read more ...




Germany Walks Away From Greece 

Greece’s exit from the Eurozone has reached critical mass and is now a routine topic at all levels of government. While heads of state still hue to the line that Greece should stay, out of the other side of the mouth comes but—now that the focus is on Spain, the one problem the Eurozone can’t digest. And after Spain is Italy, which is beyond bailout. And now word is out in Germany that Greece is a “failed state.”  Click to read more ...



The President of the Bundesbank Lashes Out 

Jens Weidmann, President of the German Bundesbank, ventured into a veritable lion’s den with an interview in Le Monde, largest liberal daily in France, supporter of President François Hollande and his “growth” policies. And there, he lashed out at Hollande, the ECB, Greece, at everything that smelled of a transfer union, at Paul Krugman even.  Click to read more ...


 Rumors, Denials, and Visions of Chaos in the Eurozone  

While the G-8 leaders are schmoozing with President Obama during their slumber party at Camp David, and while the NATO summit, protests, and rallies are wreaking havoc on the streets in Chicago, Europe is re-descending into rumor hell—where good rumors, as we found out last summer and fall, are head fakes that cause huge rallies in the markets, and where bad rumors, though passionately denied by all sides, turn out to be true.  Click to read more ...


The Greek Extortion Racket In Its Final Spasm 

A sad incident got picked up by the German national media, made even sadder by the very fact that it got picked up: in the tourist town Monemvasia in Greece, some local guys accosted a 78-year old Dutchman who has lived there since the 1990s. They thought he was German. So he corrected them. “German or Dutch, it’s the same thing,” they told him and broke his jaw and nose. While the financial noose around Greece tightened.  Click to read more ...



The Endgame: “Greeks feel hopeless” 

On Thursday, rumors that Greece would have a government goosed the stock markets in Europe. While everybody was out to lunch in Frankfurt, the DAX ran up 110 points. In Athens, the ATHEX, which appears to be on a multi-year trajectory toward zero, jumped 4.2%. But on Friday, when it became clear that the rumor was just a rumor, the index resumed its downward trajectory. And Greeks went to bed without a new government.  Click to read more ... 



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