Wolf Richter On The Keiser Report
"Debtonomics and the NSA"

Wolf Richter on the Keiser Report
"Where Is The Fear"

Wolf Richter on Max Keiser's "On The Edge" 
"The Pauperization of America"

Wolf Richter on the Keiser Report
"Where the Money Goes to Die"

Clarke and Dawe: European Debt Crisis
Two favorite Australian Comedians

Clarke and Dawe: Quantitative Easing
Big industrial-strength printers, all facing the window

The Fastest Drive Ever Through San Francisco
Don't try to do this yourself

humanERROR - by "Frying Dutchman"
Powerful, lyrical appeal to the Japanese. Slams nuke industry, MSM, bureaucrats, and politicians.

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It’s 3 AM In The Morning In North Korea

Contributed by Chriss Street. In a humiliating political act, North Korea detonated a nuclear bomb the morning before President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Speech. The provocation follows the December launch of a long-range missile, demonstrating that North Korea may be able to strike the US mainland with a nuclear warhead.

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North Korea's New Master Plan

Known under the official misnomer Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea is an inscrutable, unpredictable, armed-to-the-teeth thorn in everyone’s side, a pariah ready to lob nukes, starve its own people, or hold out an olive branch, only to yank it back. But now something is going on that reeks of the dreaded phrase, “this time, it’s different”: secret discussions in Germany.

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