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Fukushima's 40-year decommissioning plan

The Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority has approved TEPCO's plan to decommission the reactors, including three that have melted down, at the Fukushima powerplant. The utility submitted the plan in December. At the moment, the fiasco is just getting worse, with the reactors contaminating vast amounts of groundwater and even the tap water at the plant – wherever it comes from. Most of it is leaking into the ocean. The spent fuel rods are still there, exposed on the upper floor of a building that is threatening to collapse. The reactors have a life of their own.... Assuming that the plant doesn't blow up during the next earthquake or on its own, the plan estimates that it will take 40 years to decommission it. Careers will be made doing it, and thousands more workers will be exposed to heavy doses of radiation. This is the true cost of nuclear power, and it's not figured into the price of electricity.