Wolf Richter On The Keiser Report
"Debtonomics and the NSA"

Wolf Richter on the Keiser Report
"Where Is The Fear"

Wolf Richter on Max Keiser's "On The Edge" 
"The Pauperization of America"

Wolf Richter on the Keiser Report
"Where the Money Goes to Die"

Clarke and Dawe: European Debt Crisis
Two favorite Australian Comedians

Clarke and Dawe: Quantitative Easing
Big industrial-strength printers, all facing the window

The Fastest Drive Ever Through San Francisco
Don't try to do this yourself

humanERROR - by "Frying Dutchman"
Powerful, lyrical appeal to the Japanese. Slams nuke industry, MSM, bureaucrats, and politicians.

Wolf Richter


Entrepreneur based in San Francisco with over twenty years of C-level operations experience, including turnarounds and startups. This website, Testosterone Pit, “where the truth comes home to roost,” is a cynical, tongue-in-cheek perspective on economic, financial, and business entanglements in the US, the EU, Japan, and occasionally elsewhere.



Wolf Richter is the author of two books:

BIG LIKE: CASCADE INTO AN ODYSSEY , a memoir of an almost regular guy who gets unstuck in Tokyo. But it all starts with a Japanese girl in France.

A reviewer who'd “spent some time in the final heydays of Japan Inc.” called it “a wonderful reminder of how bubbles get created and evaporate.... a must read for everybody trying to understand the enigma inside the riddle of Japan.” Another reader called it a “funny as hell non-fiction book about wanderlust and traveling abroad.” Read the first few chapters for free on AMAZON.

TESTOSTERONE PIT, an edgy and humorous novel about car salesmen, their managers, and their shenanigans at a large Ford dealership. It will forever change the way you think about buying a car. Read the first few chapters for free on AMAZON.

Or check out his author page on Amazon:



Wolf earned his BA and MBA in Texas and his MA in Oklahoma, worked in both states for years, including a decade as General Manager and COO of a large Ford dealership and its subsidiaries – the inspiration for TESTOSTERONE PIT, the novel.

But one day, he quit and went to France for seven weeks to open himself up to new possibilities, which degenerated into a life-altering three-year journey across 100 countries on all continents, much of it overland. And it almost swallowed him up. Check out BIG LIKE: CASCADE INTO AN ODYSSEY for how he stumbled into that journey.

During the subsequent years in New York City, Brussels, and Tokyo, Wolf worked in private equity and did a VC-funded startup, before coming to rest, temporarily, in San Francisco, where he writes about economic and financial issues, Wall Street shenanigans, the Eurozone debt crisis, and other things that catch his eye in the US, Europe, Japan, and occasionally China.



View out the window:

Either Queen Mary II and Alcatraz ... 

Or San Francisco Fog. The marine layer is blowing in from the Golden Gate at sunset and smothers Alcatraz. Sticking out behind it: Angel Island.